A Full List of Approvals/ Contracts/ Documents of a PPP (Construction) Project—from 0 to End

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The following is a full list of approvals/ contracts/ documents of a PPP Project which is summarized from published laws, regulations and rules on PPP Projects.


Project Preparation Phase

I.  Project Establishment

1.         The Project Proposal;

2.         The Approval Opinions on the Project Proposal and Notice on Preliminary Work;

3.         Feasibility Study Report;

4.         The Approval Opinions on the Feasibility Study Report;

II.  The Location, Land Acquisition, Demolition

1.         Location selection application and Notice on the Planning of the Location;

2.         Land-use Application Report and Approval on the Construction Land by government;

3.         Opinion, agreement and plan of demolition resettlement;

4.         Planning Permit of Construction Land;

5.         Land-granting document;

6.         Land use certificate;

III.  Survey, Mapping, Design documents

1.         geological survey report;

2.         hydrogeological survey report, natural conditions and earthquake investigation;

3.         construction land nail pile notice;

4.         terrain measurement and ground measurement results report;

5.         planning and design conditions;

6.         Notice on the approval of design schemes and review opinions;

7.         approval documents of relevant administrative departments (civil air defense, environment, fire-prevention, traffic, gardens, utilities, cultural relics, communications, confidentiality, education, hygiene, etc.);

8.         Approval opinions on the design drawings.

IV.  Bidding documents and contracts

1.         survey, design bidding documents;

2.         survey, design contract;

3.         construction bidding documents;

4.         construction contract;

5.         project supervision bidding documents;

6.         supervision contract;

V.  Construction Commencement approval documents

1.         the application and approval that the Project is listed in the annual plan of projects;

2.         the construction project included in the annual plan of the approved documents or annual plan project table;

3.         Construction project planning permit;

4.         Construction project construction permit;

5.         investment permit, audit certification, receipt of green construction fees and other proof;

6.         Project quality supervision application;

VI.  Development, construction, and supervision entities and the in-charge persons

1.         the project management entity and the list of persons in charge;

2.         the project supervision company and the list of persons in charge;

3.         the project construction management company and the list of persons in charge;


Supervision Documents

I. The supervision plan

1.         supervision planning

2.         supervision of the implementation details

II. The supervision monthly report on the quality problems

III. The supervision meeting minutes on the relevant quality issues

IV. The progress control

1.         project start / resume approval form

2.         the project started / resume suspension order

V. Quality control

1.         Notice on unqualified items

2.         the quality accident report and handling opinions

VI. Cost control

1.       Review opinions on project completion accounting

VII. Subcontractor qualification

1.       subcontractor qualification  

2.       supplier qualification

3.       qualification of inspection firms and other entities involved

VIII. Contract and other matters  

1.         the contract extension report and approval

2.         the contract dispute, breach of contract report and handling opinions

3.         the contract change materials

IX. Summary of supervision work

1.    the completion summary of the project

2.    quality evaluation opinion report


Construction documents

I. the construction and installation project

(A) civil works (construction and structure) works

1.       construction technology preparation stage;

(1)    construction organization design;

(2)    technical exchange;

(3)    drawings joint review records;

2.       the construction site preparation;

(1)    control network settings information;

(2)    engineering positioning measurement data;

(3)    base trench excavation line measurement data;

3.       ground handling records;

(1)    foundation drilling record and brazing plane distribution map;

(2)    inspection records and ground handling records;

(3)    pile foundation construction record;

(4)    test pile records;

4.       engineering drawings revisions records;

(1)    design joint review records;

(2)    design change records;

(3)    project discussion record;

5.       the construction material component quality certification documents and re-test report;

(1)    sand, stone, brick, cement, steel, waterproof materials, thermal insulation, anti-corrosion materials, light aggregate test summary table;

(2)    sand, stone, brick, cement, steel, waterproof materials, thermal insulation, anti-corrosion materials, light aggregate factory certification documents;

(3)    sand, stone, brick, cement, steel, waterproof materials, light aggregate, electrode, asphalt re-test report;

(4)    prefabricated components (steel, concrete) factory certificate, test records;

6.       construction experiment record;

(1)    soil (soil, lime soil) dry density test report;

(2)    soil (soil, lime soil) compaction test report;

(3)    mortar (test block) compressive strength test report;

(4)    concrete (test block) compressive strength test report;

(5)    concrete impermeability test report;

(6)    commercial concrete factory certificate, re-test report;

(7)    reinforced joint (welding) test report;

(8)    Soil, mortar, concrete, reinforced connections, concrete impermeability test report summary table;

7.       hidden items inspection records;

(1)    basic and main structure of steel works;

(2)    steel structure engineering;

(3)    waterproofing works;

(4)    elevation control;

8.       construction records;

(1)    engineering positioning measurement inspection records;

(2)    subsidence observation records;

(3)    site construction prestress recording;

(4)    project completion measurement;

(5)    new building materials;

(6)    construction of new technologies;

9.       engineering quality accident record;

10.   engineering quality inspection records;

(1)    the base and main structure acceptance records;

(2)    curtain wall works acceptance records;

(3)    Sub-division and sub-item quality acceptance report;

(B) Electrical, water supply and drainage, fire, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, building intelligent, elevator

1.       drawings joint review;

2.       design changes;

3.       engineering discussions;

4.       equipment, product quality certification, quality assurance;

5.       equipment installation records;

6.       equipment commissioning record;

7.       equipment schedule;

8.       hidden engineering inspection records;

9.       electrical grounding resistance, insulation resistance, integrated wiring, cable and other test records at the end;

10.   building automation, monitoring, installation, audio-visual, telephone and other system control records;

11.   variable distribution equipment installation, inspection, power, full load test records;

12.   water supply and drainage, fire, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas and other pipeline strength, tightness, irrigation, water, purge, air leakage, test pressure, through the ball, valves and other test records;

13.   electrical lighting, power, water supply and drainage, fire, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas and other system debugging, commissioning record;

14.   elevator grounding resistance, insulation resistance test record; no load, half load, full load, overload test run record; balance, speed, noise adjustment test report;

15.   quality accident handling records;

16.   sub-division (sub-division) project quality acceptance records;

(C) Outdoor engineering

1.       outdoor installation (water supply, rain, sewage, heat, gas, telecommunications, electricity, lighting, television, fire, etc.) construction documents;

2.       outdoor building environment (architectural sketches, water features, road landscaping, etc.) construction documents;

II. Municipal infrastructure projects

1.       drawings will be recorded records

2.       engineering positioning measurement data

3.       engineering positioning measurement review records

4.       wire points, leveling point measurement records

5.       engineering axis, positioning pile, elevation measurement review records;

6.       design change notice

7.       negotiation records

8.       sand, stone, block, cement, steel (lime), lime, asphalt, paint, concrete admixture, waterproof material, adhesive materials, anti-corrosion insulation materials, welding materials and other test summary, quality certificate and factory inspection Report and on-site re-examination report;

9.       cement, lime, fly ash mixture; asphalt mixture, commodity concrete and other test summary table, factory certificate and test report, on-site re-test report;

10.   concrete prefabricated components, pipe, pipe fittings, steel structure and other pieces of the test summary, factory certificate and the corresponding construction technical information

11.   the plant plant complete sets of equipment, prestressed concrete tensioning equipment, all kinds of underground pipeline wells room facilities, products, such as summary table, factory certificate and installation instructions;

12.   mortar, concrete block strength, reinforced (material) welding connection, filling, roadbed strength test summary table;

13.   backfill, road bed compaction test and soil maximum dry density and the best water content test report;

14.   lime, cement, lime-fly ash inorganic base material of the standard strike experimental report;

15.   Report on Strength Test of Road Base Mixture

16.   road surface compaction degree experimental record;

17.   concrete test piece strength test report;

18.   concrete test block impermeability, frost test report;

19.   concrete strength test block statistics, assessment records;

20.   mortar test piece strength test report;

21.   mortar test block strength statistics Oh assessment records;

22.   steel (material) welding, connection test report;

23.   pile foundation test (inspection) inspection report;

24.   ground test and test the location of the test;

25.   foundation and base inspection records;

26.   ground handling records and schematics;

27.   the location of the pile surface diagram

28.   piling records;

29.   drilling pile drilling record and hole quality inspection records;

30.   drilling (digging) pile concrete pouring record;

31.   plant (field), station project installation and commissioning of large equipment records;

32.   pre-stressed tension record table;

33.   pre-stressed tensioning channel grouting record;

34.   hole position diagram;

35.   submersible engineering subsidence observation records;

36.   pipeline, box culvert and other projects to promote the record;

37.   observation of structural settlement;

38.   prefabricated installation of cement panels winding wire stress measurement records;

39.   hidden engineering inspection (acceptance) records;

40.   Division of project quality assessment records;

41.   road engineering deflection test records;

42.   the bridge engineering dynamic and static load test records;

43.   Tightness test of pressureless pipelines;

44.   the pressure pipe strength test, tightness test, through the ball test records;

45.   pool full water test;

46.   digestion tank air tightness test;

47.   electrical insulation resistance, grounding resistance test record;

48.   electrical lighting, gas pipe network and other network test records;

49.   heating pipe network, gas pipe network and other network test records;

50.   the overall test records of gas storage tanks;

51.   telecommunications, broadband network and other network test run records;

52.   project quality accident report and processing records;

53.   buildings, structures completed measurement records and measurement diagram;

54.   underground pipeline project completed measurement records;


Completion Drawings

I. Construction and installation works completion drawings

(A) comprehensive completion drawings

1. comprehensive drawings

(1)    General layout plan (including construction, architectural sketches, water features, lighting, roads, green, etc.)

(2)    vertical layout

(3)    outdoor water supply, drainage, heat, gas and other pipe network integrated map;

(4)    electrical (including heat, telecommunications, television systems, etc.) comprehensive map;

(5)    design general instructions;

2. outdoor specialties drawings

(1)      outdoor water supply

(2)      outdoor rain

(3)      outdoor sewage

(4)      outdoor heat

(5)      outdoor gas

(6)      outdoor telecommunications

(7)      outdoor power

(8)      outdoor TV

(9)      outdoor architectural sketches

(10)   outdoor fire

(11)   outdoor lighting

(12)   outdoor water features

(13)   outdoor roads

(14)   outdoor greening

(B) Special completion drawings

1.         building construction completion drawings

2.         the structure completion drawings

3.         decoration (fit-out) works completion drawings

4.         electrical engineering (intelligent engineering) completion drawings

5.         water supply and drainage works (fire engineering) completion drawings

6.         heating ventilation and air conditioning works completion drawings

7.         gas works completion drawings

II. Municipal infrastructure works completion drawings

1.   road works

2.   bridge engineering

3.   square works

4.   tunnel engineering

5.   railway, highway, aviation, water transport and other public transport projects;

6.   subway and other rail transit projects;

7.   underground air defense project;

8.   water disaster prevention project;

9.   drainage works;

10.     water supply, heating, gas supply, electricity, telecommunications and other underground pipeline project;

11.     high voltage overhead transmission line project;

12.     sewage treatment, waste disposal and disposal works;

13.     field, plant, station works


Completion acceptance documents

1.         the project summary table;

2.         the project completion drawings;

3.         unit (sub - unit) project quality acceptance records;

4.         proof of completion acceptance;

5.         the completion acceptance report;

6.         the completion of acceptance of the record form (including the special acceptance of documents);

7.         project quality warranty;

8.         unit project quality assessment form;

9.         the final accounting;

10.     the use of property summary and property list;

11.     works-related photo; record video materials, microfilm; CD, disk.